Greasy Gardens

I transformed a neglected City of Chicago lot into an award winning garden in Greater Grand Crossing.  The lot was a place of frequent fly dumping,  illegal parking and the city did not consistently mow the lawn.  This contributed to neighborhood blight.  

I decided to mow the lots owned by the city.  Later that year I built a few organic raised garden beds.  Immediately there was a change in the neighborhood.  Everyone respected the space.  Less frequent parked cars and fly dumping ended.

I grow everything from black beauty tomatoes,  zinnia, purple basil to yellow watermelon.

Click through the images to view photos of the garden.

When the block club created our neighborhood slogan “Let’s Grow Together”, we meant that literally. 

Every spring I give away plants in an event I call “Greasy Free”.  The plants are organic, non gmo flower and vegetable plants.  My neighbors and I enjoy gardening. We document the growing process on social media so that we learn together.

I am also a Master Gardener and Master Urban Farmer.

I have been featured:

I have been featured: