My Platform

As Alderwoman Fisher

In my career I have worked in public and private implementing technology solutions.  In my experience the technology has to work and I bring that mindset, analytical ability and critical thinking to the position of Alderwoman. I am a leader that gets to root of the issue and works to solve problems. 

The 5th Ward is a cultural and natural asset to Chicago.  When opportunities are presented the  community, business and government must work together.  The ward is experiencing an exciting chapter of growth. 

I am committed to building thriving corridors of business and commerce.  While advocating for equitable housing, equality and inclusion while providing a safe community for residents to prosper.

My major goal is to bring a grocery store and amenities to Greater Grand Crossing

My professional and grass roots activism fit seamlessly in the Chicago City Council.   

City Council Committee Interest

  • Economic, Capital and Technology Development
  • Finance
  • Housing and Real Estate
  • Education and Child Development
  • Special Events, Cultural Affairs and Recreation
  • Contracting Oversight and Equity
  • Public Safety
  • Environmental Protection and Energy
  • Health and Human Relations

Prosperous 5th Ward

As Alderwoman I welcome entrepreneurs and I am committed to building thriving corridors of business and commerce that work together with the community.  

Having been a resident of the ward since 1998 I have seen change. Residents are looking forward to prosperity and opportunities that come with change. Growth and change are expected and I am that leader who can lead, manage and foster change.
One of my major goals is to bring a grocery store and amenities to Greater Grand Crossing. 

Housing Teamwork

Housing was one of the top concerns that was shared while canvassing my petitions.  Here are some examples of issues ward residents shared:

  • feeling powerless against their landlord
  • wanting to know my plans to address illegal dumping
  • cars speeding down their block
  • feared their building would convert to condos and they would be displaced
  • rent would steeply increase after the Obama Center opened
  • worried for their safety when leaving their home
  • concerned about new residents moving into the neighborhood and the spike in crime
  • keeping streetlight bulbs maintained
  • increasing amenities in their neighborhoods

Most residents I spoke with did not know they could submit a 311 request for city services. Everyone wants to live peacefully and prosper in their neighborhood. These challenges are not unique. I believe we find common ground and implement common-sense approaches. We will experience a bit of discomfort during growth and transition, as we lay the foundation for a prosperous 5th ward for future generations to benefit.

In 2007, I lived in an apartment in South Shore. The building was sold, and my rent increased from $545 to $715. The rent increase pushed me to become a homeowner.

In 2009, I moved to Greater Grand Crossing in a housing development by Gary Comer Foundation. I chose Greater Grand Crossing for my first home. The detached garage, proximity to downtown Chicago and space sealed the deal. My market-rate home is surrounded by a low-income housing complex, violence and poverty. Friends asked me why I bought there.

Neighborhood violence was prevalent and having my house burglarized twice made me question my decision to purchase in the neighborhood.

I decided early on that I would be the change and meet apathy and disinvestment head-on with practical ideas and solutions that engaged neighbors to take more pride in our neighborhood.

The community must be united and understand that growth is essential.
We need neighborhoods that can sustain themselves, and as Alderwoman, I will work to make that a reality.

Community Safety

children in the garden

I live in Greater Grand Crossing. Disruptions to living in peace have occurred, neighbors feel unsafe. Oftentimes we tolerate more than we should in our communities. We are less likely to call the police or escalate issues and then question why other communities are safer.

The participation of children playing outdoors in my opinion is an indication of the safety of the neighborhood. We must work together to make our communities safe. This past summer, a man was shot at picking his son up from daycare. Another neighbor’s son was shot after recently coming home from college.  All mistaken identity.

As your Alderwoman, I will proactively tackle crime by being present and demanding assistance.  

I will partner with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) to strengthen community policing and encourage residents and business owners to attend CAPS meetings.  

In my neighborhood we have a phone tree. We hear or see something we share the information and escalate issues. Stolen cars are left behind the abandoned homes on my block. We report to 311 and CPD.   We must take PRIDE in our community and not make excuses when issues arise.

The more united the community, the stronger the community, working in concert with the police. 

It has become commonplace to see videos of brazen gun crimes. Armed robberies, attempted kidnappings, carjacking “for fun,” and lives lost due to violence. 

We continue to work with CPD and make sure we protect ourselves.  As Alderwoman I will work to implement sensible solutions to crime with adequate punishment. 

Chicago now has a community police oversight board.  I believe these are reasonable steps to foster goodwill with the community.  In my opinion the opportunity to seriously address CPD officer misconduct is through provisions in the police union contract.